Oxidizing and Reducing Agents


Na       ——->   Na+ + e

Cl+ e–    ——— >  Cl


Do you really know them? I mean their meaning!

What can you say about these agents? Is their relationship complementary or not?

The field of science talks about these agents; it explains them with science oriented wisdom, and we accept them as they are taught. We apply them in the science laboratory and appreciate their reaction – the phenomenon that exists between them.

Yes, we applied them in the lab and we saw the effects. But this chemical reaction between oxidizing and reducing agents has much to teach us.

Let us go into our laboratory – the laboratory of the real world; of real life. Do you know oxidizing and reducing agents have blood running through them? They have blood in their system and because life is blood; they are in fact living. They are human beings. I don’t know if you get it. Just keep pace with me.

Literally, oxidizing agents are chemical elements that readily accept electrons from other elements. They do not readily give out electrons. The consequence of their acceptance is that their oxidation number reduces by the number of electrons they receive, and the oxidation number of their donor increases.

Reducing agents on the other hand, readily give out electrons; they don’t readily accept. Both agents carry out their duties without knowing the effect of their action – they are inanimate and so have no instincts.

Could you at this juncture place yourself into the category you belong? Are you an oxidizing agent or a reducing agent?

It is important to know the movement of electrons is very necessary between the two agents. This is because, science teaches us that mobile electrons depict current, depict a state of activity, and life to say; since human blood has to be in constant current in the human system to ensure life is sustained. Moreover, human beings cannot do without social life.

A state of balance, therefore, has to be achieved. We must strike a balance, and this balance is nothing else but,

“Receive and Give”

“Give and Receive”

Do not be skewed to either extreme – Giving without receiving or receiving without giving – for this would surely make you a mere chemical oxidizing or reducing agent which does not have the instincts given to man.


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