Final Year University Student Allegedly Kills Himself Because He Could Not Graduate With His Mates


Posted by Samuel on Tue 29th Jan, 2019.

A final year student university student has reportedly killed himself because he could not graduate with his mates.

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Over the years, it has often been reported that university students reportedly killed themselves for various reasons; some of the deaths are related to poor Grade Point Average (GPA). They either hang themselves or drink poison.

Now, a Twitter user identified as Mantse Floki (@Kofi_Floki), has taken to his handle to share a sad story of how he lost a friend because he could not graduate with the rest of his class.

According to him, the young man decided to take his own life when he realized his grades at the end of the semester was too low. Hence, he can not graduate with his mates.

He also advised other final years students having hard time to hang on regardless of their grades.

His post reads: “He killed himself because his GPA wasn’t good enough and he feared he wouldn’t graduate with Us. This is the story of our mate who lost his life Yesterday. Every final year student having a hard time, Just hang in there fam. We go make am regardless of the GPA.”


Some of his followers reacted to the death of the young man.





One Ewe Goddess disclosed that: “This Certificate thing that he would carry from office to office in search for a job. It’s sad GPA is not a true reflection of someone’s knowledge.”


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