Nigerians, Hear This…

FEB 16, 2019.
GOD has given us another great and golden opportunity to determine our future, to decide our fate for the next 4years.


Last 3 and half years was very horrible for me, I don’t know about you, Politics aside, it was the longest 3years ever, think about first 6months of no appointment, no focus, no direction and the stagnant economy that followed suit, the unwarranted rapid clampdown on opposition and unnecessary killing of the shittes, the unguarded utterances of the President that triggered bombing of the pipelines, its ripple effect that welcomed a massive economic recession in the most populous black African nation.

Even when the appointments came, instead of putting a square peg in a square whole, we were left with not only LOPSIDED APPOINTMENTS but recycling of the same faces that kept us where we are today. Let’s not easily forget about the Government sponsored tribalism, religious and ethnic hatred. Posterity will judge me if I fail to mention THE ENUGU KILLINGS, THE PLATEAU CLEANSING, HORRIBLE BENUE MASSACRE, NOT TO TALK OF KADUNA SOUTH SLAUGHTERING which also cost the life of a well respected and renowned TRADITIONAL RULER because of his eloquence and steadfast against injustice. What about the incessant killing of unarmed IPOB members.

Have we forgotten so soon the frequent MEDIA TRIALS, SELECTIVE ANTI CORRUPTION CRUSADE, not to talk of clampdown on the judiciary in a government that promised CHANGE from the status quo.

Some of us lost our genuine and legitimate businesses, many of us lost our relatives all because of a nonchalant attitude of this same government. The question is, are you better off today than you were 4years ago? CAPITAL NO, they took us 14yrs back to the days of political assassination, Boko haram killings again, Dapsi kidnappings, rampant suicides that today people freely jump into lagoon as if they are going for olympics, drinking snipers (at a slightest provocation) as if HELL is now better than Nigerian. Today, investors and even citizens are running away from Nigeria as if there is Ebola pandemic in our dear country but just because of bad government policies by a government that lacks leadership acumen.


The opportunity has come now to choose between light and darkness, to either move forward or backward into the dark ages, to move to the promise land or remain as slaves in our own nation, in the hands of the so-called CABAL

The opportunity has come for us to salvage the country, to put a square peg in a square hole, to stand for just 4hrs on the line and vote or spend 4yrs crying again, again and again. It’s our patriotic right, it’s our legal and even religious right, not voting tomorrow is a sin not just to Nigerians but to humanity at large.

OPPORTUNITY THEY SAY COMES BUT ONCE, Jonathan had his opportunity he failed, Buhari you had yours but you fail to learn from others mistakes, YOU FAILED WOEFULLY. Let’s give others the same opportunity to try, MONOPOLY they say kills the business, you have tried THANK YOU, join OBJ, JONATHAN and rest please, lets try others for now.

The magic you couldn’t do in 4yrs even if you are given 20yrs, you can never accomplish it. If 8yrs was not enough for OBJ and 6yrs not enough for GEJ, Even if we accept the NEXT LEVEL, BUHARI you will want more after 8yrs. OLIVER WILL ALWAYS WANT SOME MORE.

Its high time African leaders retrace their steps about power and learn from the likes of NELSON MANDELA, today he left legacies that even the world adores and worships him but he spent only 4yrs not 6, 8 or 12yrs and forever lives in our heart

This election is not about your tribe, religion or class but about our future, our welfare and our children unborn.
To my dear brothers and sisters, the choice is yours, what we saw last few years is a tip of iceberg of what will happen in the next 4yrs, once beaten twice shy.

A LEOPARD DOESN’T CHANGE ITS COLOR. Let’s not sell our conscience because of a token gift, money or an appointment we will get today, let’s not mortgage our future because of tribe, religion and ethnicity, 4years is not 4months neither is it 4days. THE ENTERPRISE OF TODAY DETERMINES THE FORTUNES OF TOMORROW, so our decision tomorrow determines our fate and fortune for the next 4yrs if not 8years, A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE, A WORD THEY SAID IS ENOUGH FOR A WISE.

Yours beloved


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