Dear Prof Yakubu…


Open Letter to the INEC Chairman, Prof Yakubu

Posted on on 18th February, 2019

Good day Prof,
Compliments of the Season.

A time always come in life when one’s credibility and reputation are called to question, when the integrity and values of a man are put to test, when one finds himself or herself between light and darkness, between the devil and the deep blue sea. It’s always a very crucial, critical, vital and defining moment but dicey, dangerous and very challenging situation.

Unfortunately yours has come, not even at the local or state level but at the national and global level, presently the world not just Nigerians are watching you, waiting to know if you truly have the tenacity and qualities, the reputation and credibility, the doggedness and willpower to do the right thing. A BIG LITMUS TEST FOR HISTORY.

Sincerely it’s not a funny situation but many has been there and proved their worth, the likes of Prof Humphery Nwosu, Prof Attahiru Jega who has written their names on the marbles for standing by the truth and nothing but the truth. And all they did was simply to conduct a free, fair and transparent election without fear or favours, irrespective of the candidates or parties involved, irrespective of the status and position of the candidates involved.

You have been called names, blasted by many, forsaken by all, even those you laboured to protect have sacrificed you on the alter of politics because of their selfish interest. They may blackmail you, intimidate and stampede you, even “Onnoghenised” and “Dino melayized” you but fear not for TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL.

Today, your name is now a household name, over 90% of 180million Nigerians know your name but have not physical set their eyes on you even for once, your precious name rings a bell not just in their ears but also in their heart but what impression do they have about you? Your action from today till 23rd February determines whether it will be a positive or negative impression.

God has given you the opportunity to affect positively the lives of over 180million Nigerians, you may not have such opportunity again till eternity, please Sir, don’t waste it for a selfish few, that has nothing good to offer the country.

History is about to repeat itself and those who refuse to learn from the past tends to turn the hands of the clock backwards, those who intend to acquire power by at all cost will always twist and manipulate the odds against the history. As a historian you are, which part of the history do you wish to belong Sir?

Many Nigerians lost time, money and other resources because of your postponement, (which shows the magnanimity of power bestowed on you at this defining moment), though Nigerians can forgive you for that but history and posterity will judge you, if you fail to conduct a free, fair and transparent election, if your actions end up sabotaging the future of our great nation.

Nigerians can forgive you for what transpired in the last Osun and Ekiti gubernatorial elections which many said was a nightmare in a broad daylight but history will never forgive you if you fail them again, if you join hands to truncate our precious hard-fought democracy, if you sacrifice the nation whether at will or under duress.

Thanks for your effort so far in discharge of your patriotic duty.

Thank you once more as you strive to distinguish yourself among equals, as you carve a niche for our great nation.

A Patriotic Nigerian


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