Only in Nigeria…

Posted on on 24th February, 2019


  • It’s only in Nigeria that we have democracy but practice dictatorship, that someone will truncate a democratic government, impose and foist a military government but years later, comes back to enjoy the same democracy others sacrificed their lives to actualise.
  • It’s only in Nigeria that cows are more valuable than humans
  • It’s only in Nigeria that you are corrupt when in opposition party but a national hero and a saint when in the ruling party even if you are facing corruption charges.
  • It’s only in Nigeria that you will see a Governor on video collecting bribe but he will end up donating part of the bribe to the EFCC (who are meant to prosecute him) as part of his goodwill support for their good work.
  • It’s only in Nigeria that a President will spend 6months searching for perfect and best hands to serve as ministers in his cabinet only to end up appointing ministers without NYSC certificate.
  • It’s only in Nigeria that a serving minister will reveal that the President does not read nor listen to anyone, confess that the masses are suffering, and then turn around to canvass for votes for the same president despite knowing fully well that he is incompetent.
  • It’s only in Nigeria that a governor will threaten that international observers of an election will end up in body bags despite him participating as an international observer in other countries.
  • Only in Nigeria that Political thugs are flown abroad for treatment and the poor masses are allowed to perish in the poorly equipped hospitals.
  • It’s only in Nigeria that a President promised to abolish medical tourism but end up spending 40% of his tenure in medical tourism.
  • Only in Nigeria that a President that claims to be poor and could not afford party nomination fee but has a son that cruises the town in exotic motorcycle worth over tens of millions.

Out of the 180million Nigerians, there is no one good enough to lead us better than this?

  • It’s only in Nigeria that brooms and statues are constructed as national and state monuments respectively when the citizens cannot afford 3square meal, even when other countries are creating job, building factories and infrastructures for their people.
  • Only in Nigeria that government impoverishes you by their policies for 4years but end up giving you 10,000naira as traders money few weeks to election.
  • It’s only in Nigeria, that a President will appoint dead people to serve in various govt agencies and parastatals, when we have over 180million living citizens
  • Only in Nigeria, that a President will ban a dead body from travelling outside the country, so don’t be surprised if dead people vote in the forthcoming election.


  • It’s only in Nigeria, that a wanted Fugitive will be escorted back into the country in grand style, reinstated into the civil service and even double promoted to a senior director.
  • Only in Nigeria that a President grants pardon to terrorists and orders shooting at sight of non-terrorist and innocent citizens (IPOB, Shittes)
  • It’s only in Nigeria that a President instructs the security agencies to shoot his fellow citizens presumed to ballot box snatchers when there are laws guiding all electoral offences but same govt tolerates underage voting.
  • Only in Nigeria that INEC will be intimidated to include ruling party in an election despite a contrary order from a court of competent jurisdiction.
  • It’s only in Nigeria, judges are arrested, blackmailed, Court of laws are set on fire or burnt down because judgements obtained in these courts are contrary to the wish of the incumbents.
  • Only in Nigeria, that a govt warns international community not to get involved in the national election but will end up inviting governors and entourage from other African countries to support and campaign for them. WHO IS DECEIVING WHO?
  • It’s only in Nigeria, that terrorist will kidnap our school children but the government will negotiate and pay ransom for the release of some and not all.
  • Only in Nigeria that a government will spend more energy, time and resources in propaganda and blackmail rather than in investment, building of infrastructures or provision of social and basic amenities.
  • It’s only in Nigeria, that a serving minister promised that the country will start producing pencil after 4yrs (in 21st century), Lo and behold, 4yrs after we are yet to produce common eraser talk more of the pencil.
  • It’s only in Nigeria that elections are declared inconclusive when the outcome does not favour the incumbents.
  • It is only in Nigeria that a govt will promise youths job but end up ensuring that over 12 million of those youths lost their job, only to turn around and said THE NIGERIAN YOUTHS ARE LAZY
  • It’s only in Nigeria that you will hear a national leader inciting violence, baboon will be soaked with blood, body bags, encouraging deaths, Minister singing war songs, instigating violence instead of encouraging and promoting peace
  • It is only in Nigeria that innocent citizens are shot at sight but killer herdsmen that do not even pay tax are accorded national regards, free grazing lands.
  • It’s only in Nigeria that people will be slaughtered like goats, houses burnt, women raped by herdsmen, they will even grant press interview attesting why they did it but the govt will pay lip service to it by telling the victims to sacrifice their farms if they wish to live.
  • It is only in Nigeria, that a resident electoral Commissioner and his family was burnt alive after election for no just cause, instead of arresting or prosecuting the killers, the commissioner of police in such state was immediately promoted to inspector general of police (you know the rest).


It’s only in Nigeria that I will be sent to jail after writing this for saying the truth. But before I proceed to prison, let me remind our people that…

Four years ago, they promised you positive change and better living but ended up impoverishing you, ended up offering you negative changes, If the change they provided was positive, we would have agitated for more and even request for CONSOLIDATION OF THE CHANGE, but NO, they are now ashamed of their own CHANGE and are promising you NEXT LEVEL.

Next level of what?
Sufferings and unemployment, propaganda and blackmails, grand corruption, dictatorship and violations of rule of laws, killings and kidnappings of your children, massacre of farmers and seizure of their farms, closure of universities, hike in petrol, food prices (essential commodities), herdsmen rampage……

Please Nigerians don’t make the same mistake twice for once beaten twice shy.

A Patriotic and selfless Nigerian


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