Still on Proportion…

Published on on 28th February, 2019

Example 3

Phosphor-bronze is a mixture of copper, tin and phosphorus in the ratio by mass 185:14:1. Find the mass of copper in a phosphor-bronze casting of mass 27.2kg.


Total ratio = 185 + 14 + 1

= 200

Mass of copper in the 27.2kg phosphor-bronze =

ratio of copper/total ratio × mass of the phosphor-bronze

= 185/200 × 27.2

= 25.61kg [Answer]

Example 4

Two builders share 11 tonnes of brick so that one has one-and-half times as many as the other. The total cost is $22, 750.00. How much does each pay?


Let their shares of the cost of the bricks be x and one-and-half of x;

If you change one-and-half into an improper fraction, you will have 3/2.

So their shares of the cost are 3/2 of x and x.

Total ratio = 5/2(x).

[Add the two shares to get 5/2(x)]

Now we are going to find x.

5/2(x) = $ 22750

Make x the subject of the equation

x = $22750 × 2


x = $9100 [Answer]

So one builder pays $9100; while the other builder pays:

3 /2(x) = 3 × 9100


= $ 13, 650 [Answer]


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