It’s Not Advisable to Use Tissue Paper During Menstrual Period —Researcher


Published February 28, 2019


A medical researcher, Dr . Bamidele Iwalokun , on Thursday condemned the use of tissue paper as sanitary pads by women , saying it could lead to severe health complications .

Iwalokun , who is the Head , Immunology and Vaccinology Research Department, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research , Yaba , said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos .

He said that some tissue papers were products of waste paper , and such tissue papers were not hygienic for draining blood during menstruation.

“ The habit of using tissue paper in form of sanitary pads is a poor hygiene practice on the part of any woman.

“ Because no health policy has supported the use of tissue paper as sanitary pads, it’s a bad behavior and should not be adopted .

“ It doesn’ t have any credibility of use . This should be a way of informing women that it carries a serious public health risk .

“ The practice places such women at risk of having infection, which may pass through the vagina cavity and enter the bloodstream , creating serious health problems, ” Iwalokun said .

The researcher said that the use of tissue paper during menstruation could affect the reproductive organs and that it could lead to other health complications .

“ Sometimes , it may be chronic infections that may not give serious symptoms to warrant going to the hospital, but it is indirectly damaging the reproductive system or that pathway .

“ One of them is the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which many women may not know they have until when issues of infertility comes up , as untreated PID is a major cause of infertility.

“ It also depends on the pathogens that are coming from such paper ; so , it is important to identify the types of pathogen that are isolated from such tissue papers .

“ There must be quality study that will show the various types of pathogens, in order to identify the type of damage it can cause .

“ However, women should abstain from the practice of using tissue paper as sanitary pads, in order to avoid such health complications .

“ Women should always adopt proper hygiene at all times , especially during their menstrual period ,” he counselled .

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