Low Calories Can Reverse Type-2 Diabetes’


Published March 7, 2019


Dayo Ojerinde

A new study has suggested that when people consume 850 calories a day for three months , keeping the weight off can arrest type – 2 diabetes for at least two years .

The study report, published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal , built on earlier work , which referred to weight loss as a key solution and offers more time off medication than previously thought .

An investigator on the trial at Newcastle University , United Kingdom , Prof Roy Taylor, said , “ These results are a significant development and they finally pull down the curtain on the era of type – 2 diabetes as an inevitably progressive disease.”

Researchers said that most of the weight- loss group whose diabetes had gone into remission had lost 10 kilogrammes or more and maintained this weight loss during the trial .

But Dr Nicola Guess, a researcher at King ’ s College London , said weight loss was not the whole story.

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“ Type- 2 diabetes returned in a minority of people ( about 16 per cent ) who kept off 15 kg or more for two years . Further research is needed to help us understand why this is .

“ It is possible that these people had type – 2 diabetes for longer before losing weight or perhaps there might be dietary or genetic factors which contributed,” Guess said .

The charity , Diabetes UK , which funded the study , said the findings were exciting but added , “ We know type – 2 diabetes is a complex condition and this approach will not work for everyone .”

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