RANKED: The 15 Most Unhealthy Countries in Africa

Global dynamics are changing and forecasting of GDP cannot only measure human happiness, and potentials but a country’s ability to compete and grow and have political stability make human existence worthwhile.
It is on this premise that a new global health ranking released by Indigo Wellness Index, compiled a list of the world’s healthiest and most unhealthy countries in 2019.
The research published in the new journal Global Perspectives, measures healthy life expectancy, blood pressure, blood glucose (diabetes risk), obesity, depression, happiness, alcohol use, tobacco use, inactivity (too little exercise), and government spending on healthcare.
The report states that the countries with the lowest chance of prosperity and healthiness are affected by significant issues such as war, political turmoil and corruption.

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The Index ranked 152 countries in the world from the weakest performers (ranked 1) to the strongest (ranked 195) using data from the World Bank, UNESCO, CIRI Human Rights Data Project, Center for International Development at Harvard University and the Global Education Monitoring Report.
Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa by Pulse looks at the 15 most unhealthy countries in Africa from the report.
15. Chad
Dealing with Instability: 12.8
Indigo Score: 16.3
14. Central Africa Republic
Dealing with Instability: 6.5
Indigo Score: 22.3
13. Zimbabwe
Dealing with Instability: 21.6
Indigo Score: 24.3
12. Djibouti
Dealing with Instability: 45.6
Indigo Score: 25.3
11. Angola
Dealing with Instability: 36.9
Indigo Score: 25.5
10. Guinea
Dealing with Instability: 24.2
Indigo Score: 26.2
9. Burundi
Dealing with Instability: 31.6
Indigo Score: 27
8. Côte d’Ivoire
Dealing with Instability: 47.7
Indigo Score: 31.8
7. Niger
Dealing with Instability: 44.6
Indigo Score: 37.8
6. Ethiopia
Dealing with Instability: 43
Indigo Score: 37.9
5. Mauritania
Dealing with Instability: 43
Indigo Score: 39.7
4. The Gambia
Dealing with Instability: 64.2
Indigo Score: 39.8
3. Togo
Dealing with Instability: 48.4
Indigo Score: 40.2
2. Nigeria
Dealing with Instability: 22.9
Indigo Score: 41.2
1. Liberia
Dealing with Instability: 44.3
Indigo Score: 41.7

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