Tuberculosis (BCG) Vaccine not Enough Protection Against TB Infection – Experts

By Ayodamola
Receiving vaccine for tuberculosis (TB) during childhood does not totally cover an individual from getting infected with the disease, a health expert, Odume Betrand, has said.
Bacilli Calmette-Guerin (BCG) is the vaccine for the prevention of TB and often administered to children at birth. However, there are some exceptional cases where people who had received the vaccines still get infected with the disease.
This could explain the reasons why there are TB cases recorded even among children or people who were given BCG vaccines at birth.
Mr Betrand, senior programme specialist, TB/HIV, United States Centre for Disease Control, said if a person is coughing for more than two weeks, they should suspect TB and go for a test. The test and treatment is free, in government facilities.

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