Making Money As A Blogger

20190327115535Published March 26, 2019

Feyisayo Popoola
In recent times , people have resorted to earning a living from different entrepreneurial ventures such as fashion designing , confectionaries , agriculture , among others .
However, not many people have considered blogging as an avenue to make money ; and those that have attempted it have not succeeded.
Blogging is a way to run a business . When it comes down to it, a blog is just a website that allows you to communicate with an audience and spread a message .
Today , many people are running their entire businesses on blogs . Thus , they rank well in search engines and leverage Public Relations opportunities .
A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete , often informal diary -style text entries . Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order , so that the most recent post appears first , at the top of the web page .

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A lot of people chronicle travels, report on the issues in an industry or share latest fashion finds with the world, not knowing they can actually take it up as a full time job and make money .
While the majority of blogs are personal platforms , Technorati estimates that up to 39 per cent of bloggers do it for money . Plus , Hubspot reports that companies are increasingly shifting marketing dollars to blogging and social media , creating more opportunities for contractors , freelancers , or full- time employees to blog for a paycheck .
So how do you go from blogger – on – the – side to blogging for someone else. Building and showing your skills through a personal blog is a great place to start. And from there, here are the five key things you ’ ll need to turn your hobby into a job.
Income of bloggers
Salaries for bloggers vary widely. According to Glassdoor , bloggers earn about $ 19 ,000 to $ 79 ,000 a year , while other sources say the 14 per cent of bloggers who earn a salary make , on average, $ 24 , 000 a year ( or $ 33 ,000 for corporate bloggers ) .
Likewise, freelance bloggers can make anything from under $ 10 a post to $ 100 or more for a relatively short post .
As for running your own blog , a survey of 1 ,000 bloggers by blogging .com in 2012 found that 17 per cent are able to sustain their lifestyle or support their family with their blogs , while 81 per cent never make even $ 100 from blogging .
The other two per cent spend less than two hours a day blogging but make more than $ 150 , 000 .

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