Unbelievable! Meet The Brothers Who Live And Drive Around With A Lion Called Simba (Photos)

Posted by Samuel on Fri 29th Mar, 2019.

Two brothers have been found out to be living with a lion which they even drive around town with some times.
The two brothers and confident Simba poses no risk to their safety
Drivers get a roarful shock when they see Simba the lion sitting in the backseat of this car.

But owners Hamzah and Hassan Hussain insist he’s a pussy cat and treat him like a brother.
The siblings have been rearing 26-month-old Simba since he was abandoned by his mum at two weeks on their farm in Karachi, Pakistan.
Hassan said: “He just loves cuddles.”
The lion was born on our farm and his mother couldn’t feed him the milk so I brought him into our home.”
“Ever since we have been raising him like our brother.”

“I named him Simba and he is a very tame lion. And now he’s 26 months old.”
“He’s like my baby, so that’s why I’m not afraid with him.”

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