Blog Writing Skills

Blog Writing Skills

First of all, you need strong will-power to be a successful blogger. You need strong will-power. You need patience!

Develop your writing skills and techniques. Aim to have unique styles of writing, and your article should be simple to read and easy to understand too. Before writing, do all necessary searches and researches, gather ample information from all sources, note down your points and then make a draft elaborating the points you’ve noted. Endeavor to write in your own word and language. When writing, avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Use punctuations appropriately and paragraph regularly.
For your blog to be listed in the Google Search results, your write-up must be original.

Photo Editing
A good blog article should be accompanied by illustrating images/pictures. Images actually say more than words can do. A fitting picture for a blog post says all about the post. Most times, visitors to a blog are attracted by the featured image on the post, and many will look at just the image without reading the full text.

The photo-editing skills you need are: how to crop, resize and format an image. You can use a number of software applications to do these, but if you’re a beginner; PowerPoint is the best for you. You need to edit your image to reflect your article content.

You need computer coding languages
You musn’t be an expert programmer but a basic knowledge of HTML, XML, PHP and Javascript are important.

You need to network

One of the keys to professional blogging is building a network. Through networking, you get more traffic – not just any type of traffic but quality and organic traffic. Communicate with your fellow bloggers and stay up-to-date with those around you. With good networking, you get a lot of traffic within a short time.

How do you network?
Create a social media presence. This is actually one of the best ways to boost your traffic.
Another thing you could do is to join a community of bloggers. Join people of the same school of thoughts – join people who think like you.

Marketing Skills
If you’re a blogger with great marketing skills, promoting your blog wouldn’t be a problem. Great marketing skills drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales. What kind of marketing are we talking about? – eMarketing.
Your blog is an online business. Marketing includes online promotion of your blog (epromotion) and online selling (eSelling). You need to know the right time to post an article. It is you who will decide the best ways you could market your blog. It is an understatement to say that marketing is one of the quickest and fastest ways to grow your blog business. If people know what services you can offer them, they will connect to you.

Communication Skills
As a blogger, you need to interact with your audience. Don’t just ‘busy’ yourself with writing and posting, you need to reply to your visitors’ comments. You also need to interact with fellow bloggers. Make reasonable comments on their posts. It is no doubt that bloggers who interact with their audience and fellow bloggers have great relationships with them. Great communication with your audience and co-bloggers will drive traffic to your site.

You need discipline
I’m sure no one succeeds in anything without discipline. You need to know what you’re supposed to do, how to do it, when to do it and all of that. The philosopher says ‘Punctuality is the soul of business.’ Since you’re a blogger, you may be working from home, but you need to rise early from your bed and get things working – don’t be lazy, buddy! If you want to be ranked highly by the search engine, get disciplined!

Of course hardwork is the shortcut to success! If you really want to be a successful blogger, hardwork is the key! Daily blogging would do. if you have another job you’re doing however, daily blogging would be tasking as most times, you get all your energy drained on the job, and your blog would suffer. By and large, try to squeeze out time for your blog if you’re a part- time blogger.

Give your visitors what they want
Knowing your readers interest is a skill you must acquire if not your visitors will stop visiting. There’s no other way to know what your reader wants than through communication. Think of what will keep their interest on your site. And like every customer deserves, let your contents satisfy your readers.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is an important skill for would-be successful bloggers. Blogging is not just about having good content articles; you need search engine optimization skills to drive organic traffic to your site. Bear it in mind that a lot of new bloggers are coming up every day and they are posting articles related to your niche, so you need to stay afloat.

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  1. Dropner Graphic Explainers says:

    I got a similar post about your topic. The info is mosty the same but thanks for this post.

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    1. ginnyent says:

      You’re most welcome. You’re right, the tips are basically the same everywhere.

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    Thanks for sharing, @Ginnyent. I hope to be a successful blogger and I shall pay heed. 👏👏


    1. ginnyent says:

      You’re welcome. You will be successful. Just keep on!


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