17 Filipino Devotees Including a Woman Nailed to Crosses as They Re-enact the Crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday (Photos)


At least 17 men including a woman were reportedly nailed to crosses in the Philippines in an act of devotion to re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday.5cbc2d45a9a5c

In San Fernando City, Pampanga province, hundreds of tourists watched in shock as actors dressed as Roman soldiers hammered four-inch nails through the hands and feet of Filipinos into a wooden cross for the 33rd time.

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“I thought they wouldn’t be nailed but they were really nailed, and it was for me a great event to see it live,” said German tourist Johann Tenken.5cbc2bf68f563

Devotees, including 58-year old Ruben Enaje who has performed the act 33 times, believe their penance will wash away their sins, cure illness and lead to blessings.

Enaje was among the four people who were nailed to crosses in the village, including a woman taking part for the 17th time.

Five other Filipinos were nailed to crosses in two other villages in Pampanga.5cbc2bbae3ad5

“At the end of the day, you have to respect the people doing this because that’s devotion,” said Filipino tourist Bianca Yao.

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  1. David W Sam says:

    Ok! smh..this is just plain religious fanaticism! I don’t think I would’ve been so shocked though if I was there to bear witness to such extremism.We humans are quite capable of the most unspeakable and bizarre behaviors.


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