Girl, 10, Dies “from Excitement” While Going Down a Slide She Waited Two Years to Be Able to Ride



A 10-year-old girl has died “from excitement” while flying down a 270-foot water slide at a park with her family.

London Eisenbeis, 10, had waited for two years to finally reach the height at which she will be allowed to ride the Super Loop Speed Slide at a water park in Michigan.

When she was the right height, she went to the water park with her father, mother, and sister in February last year. She got into the four-story slide all excited to make the drop. But by the time she came out of the end, her heart had stopped beating. She had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Her family were unaware that she was living with underlying heart condition, Long QT Syndrome. Meaning her heart was thrown into an abnormal rhythm as her adrenaline rose – and she had entered cardiac arrest by the time she reached the end of the slide, Metro UK explains.

Just 45 minutes before going into cardiac arrest, London and her sister were seen in a video stating that they were going to go on “some slides”.

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Speaking to The Sun, London’s mum, Tina said she had been on the other side of the park when she heard a whistle go off. She thought it was children messing around. Minutes later, a woman walked past looking “terrified”. Tina saw her grab two children and overheard her say that “someone has drowned”. Running over to the slide, Tina saw her husband and was met with her worst nightmare.

She said: “[Jerry] was looking down and there were sheets up and I knew it was one of my kids. It was an awful thing. There were no signs of the condition. She just dropped. The day before, she had been doing flips in the air.”

London was rushed to hospital and placed on life support for nine days, however on the ninth day she slipped into cardiac arrest again and could not be saved.5cc99fd5e42b1

Since London’s death, Tina has trained to become an instructor for the American Heart Association as she wants to ensure “no family experiences her pain”.

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