Burna Boy Says He is Leaving Social Media for Good


Burna Boy’s social media accounts will now be handled by his management.[Instagram/BurnaBoyGram]

Burna Boy has told fans and followers of all his social media pages that he is leaving all the various platforms permanently.

Just in case you dont get to see Burna Boy on social media anymore, dont be surprised as he has announced that it is going to be a permanent move.

The music star made this known via his Instagram page on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. According to him, his social media pages will now be used strictly for business and controlled by his management team.

“I’m leaving all social media platforms permanently. They are all now strictly for my show dates and new music. My social media will now be in the full control of management. Love and positivity to all,” he wrote.

The reason behind Burna Boy’s decision to permanently leave social media is not known yet. However, it might be connected to his recent controversial comments on social media which were not well received by critics.

Burna Boy has been in the news in the last three weeks for some of his controversial social media posts.

He first stirred controversy when he said he feels sorry for Nigerian artists jumping into international music deals.

“ I feel so sorry for all you Nigerians and artists jumping into these “international deals”. You guys don’t know what you’re doing. I will forever be grateful to my manager/mother for making sure I will never be an “international” VICTIM. I feel very bad for every one of you. I’m hearing some really crazy shit out here. I feel so sad for you all,” he wrote.

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Not long after that, the singer took to his Instagram stories to say good streaming numbers don’t make artists talented.

He wrote, ” This streaming s**t be making people think they’re actually talented (laughs). If joke things like ‘Baby Shark’ and ‘Gangnam style’ can do more numbers than everyone, don’t think you are talented or respected (because) cuz of your streaming numbers. Everyone with real working brains knows what is a joke and what is real. Anyway, plenty talk nor dey reveal all. Time will reveal all. “87d973cfab51182ec8534d30147492d8

Earlier in the year, Burna Boy aired his reservation about the size of his picture in the PR materials for the 2019 Coachella music festival where he performed at two weekends of the festival.

Source : Pulse.ng

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