How Chidinma and Emanuella Granted Wishes on Children’s Day.


Imagine having your favourite celeb waltz into your office. You might scream your office roof down. Well, Seyi, a student of Hope Primary School, Ikoyi, Lagos, nearly fainted when she saw popular child star, Emanuella. What was Emanuella doing in her school?

For this year’s Children’s Day celebration, MTN Nigeria decided to give the pupils of Hope and Ireti Primary Schools, Ikoyi, Lagos, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The pupils were outside their classrooms chatting excitedly when popular child comedienne, Emanuella Samuel walked in with top MTN officials.

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Seyi along with hundreds of her school mates could not believe their eyes when they saw the star. Seyi went from doubt to screaming at the top of her lungs in seconds. ‘IT’S EMANUELLA! EMANUELLA IS HERE!’, she yelled. In moments, the children were running to the comedienne for pictures.IMG_20190604_132515

They must have been thinking that there was nothing that could make the day any better. That was until popular songwriter and singer, Chidinma Ekile, walked in casually a few hours after. The screams were unbelievable!

Chidinma, Emanuella and top officials from MTN joined the children for an art session as they created a beautiful wall mural at the front of the school. The students also got school learning materials and other gift items.IMG_20190604_132535

Finally, the time that all the children had been biting their nails for arrived. Two playgrounds, refurbished by MTN, were officially opened. No teacher could pause the race to the playsets. ‘It’s my turn’, ‘you’ve done before’, ‘I’m after you!’, were ringing everywhere.

It was a wish come true for them!

Source : LIB

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