“Heaven No Easy oo” Nigerian Woman Who Claimed She “Died” and Came Back to Life Over the Weekend Speaks. 


A Nigerian woman’s story is trending on social media following claims she “died” and “resurrected” days later.

Mhiz Gold Abi, a Nigerian woman resident in Casablanca, Morocco, was reported dead and friends were shocked by the news. Some mourned her on social media. Days later, she took to her Facebook account to reveal she’s back to life.

As someone who just “came back from the dead” and “has seen heaven”, she told her Facebook friends that “heaven no easy oo.”

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She also promised to share her experience later today and give further details of what happened to her.

Friends who replied to her post expressed joy that she’s back from the dead and thanked God for giving her a “second chance.”

See below.IMG_20190610_113832IMG_20190610_113853

Source :LIB

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