91 Nigerian Students to Receive Recognition for Outstanding Performance in Cambridge Examinations


The British Council is set to award ninety-one Nigerian students in its annual Recognition and Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards on Friday, 14 June 2019.IMG_20190614_101318

The award ceremony which celebrates students who have distinguished themselves in the Cambridge examinations will give up to 125 prestigious awards to students from 46 Nigerian schools, including three top achievers who emerged with the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject.

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The event will cover various subjects taken in the Cambridge IGCSE, O-Levels and International AS & A Levels 2017/2018 examinations series. Recognition awards will also be received by Nigerian schools from the Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) who have set exemplary standards in upholding the principles of equality, diversity, inclusion and child protection which are greatly esteemed by the British Council.IMG_20190614_101304

Join live via http://bit.ly/BROCLA2019 by 5pm on 14th June.

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Source : Pulse.ng

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