On the Mathematics Corner: Factorization


Published on ginnyent.net on 25th June, 2019

Welcome back!

In the next few weeks, we will be talking about factorization of algebraic expressions or equations.

Factorization is the process of selecting out the common factor(s)/element(s) in an expression or equation.

For example:

Factorize 24x – 6xy


Find what is common to 24x and 6xy.

If you look at them very well, you will find out 6 and x are common. 6 can divide 24, so it’s common to both.

So we have:

6x(4 – y).

For us to know if we are correct, expand it, that is try converting it back to the example above.

We would have: (6x × 4) – (6x × y)

= 24x – 6xy ( Understood?)

Example 2

Factorize 64yz + 12y – 36z


What is common to 64yz, 12y and 36z?

4 can divide them all.

So we have:


The two examples above are factorization of linear equations.

Apart of factorization of linear equations, we will also talk about factorization of quadratic equations.

Stay tuned!

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