AFIRE’s N1m Linda Ikeji Prize for Literature Extends Deadline for Submission and Other FAQs

It is no longer news that African Indie Writers Review just launched one of the biggest literary prizes in Nigeria – the Linda Ikeji Prize for Literature.

It is also no longer news that this big project is going to be an annual one.

The Prize is still N1,000,000.00 (One Million Naira).

The call for submission of materials is now being extended until the end of July:

The new deadline now is July 31 2019.

This extension is based on the numerous requests we have received to that effect.

No material submitted after 11:59pm on July 31 2019 will be considered.

1. Are there new categories?

No. The categories remain six for material to be submitted to AFIRE:

a. Fiction, Prose – full length novels: published, self-published or unpublished

b. Fiction, Prose – short stories: published, self-published or unpublished

c. Non Fiction – published, self-published or unpublished

d. Poetry – collections: published, self-published or unpublished

e. Drama – published, self-published or unpublished

f. Social media essays – collections: published, self-published or unpublished

2. Are there new requirements?

No. The requirements remain the same.

All materials should be submitted in Microsoft Word file format. Pdf files are allowed for only poetry submissions where original format is considered a critical part of the aesthetic presentation. Fonts should be size 12 in all submitted materials. Materials could be of any topic and theme, as long as it demonstrates a clear and undisputable motion for growth and development, enlightenment and humanity on the continent. New African writers in diaspora holding valid passports of any African country are eligible to participate.

The decisions of the judging panel are final

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3. Are there new contact and submission emails?

Yes. Check our new email addresses below. We have also added a Whatsapp number, for further inquiries:



WHATSAPP: (strictly for inquiries) +234 901 931 8639

To be certain make sure you send your submission to all the emails we put out.

Check out our website too, if you like, to see the other things we are up to:

4. What about copyrights for works submitted for the prize?

AFIRE does not hold any commercial rights over any works submitted to it for the LILPL. We handle your submitted material strictly for its brilliance and value to our stated goals. Writers retain the commercial rights to their works. The only rights we reserve is the right to cite from the body of any submitted work, its title and author for the sole purpose of promotion on and for the platform; anywhere in print, digital media and in audio-visual form without any further permission requirements from the writers or any other third parties they may engage in the future.

5. What if I have a published work already covered by exclusive rights held by third parties?

If the writer or third parties hold rights to any submitted work that prevents AFIRE from utilizing the body of work, its title and author, as stipulated in 4. above, then please DO NOT submit such material for the LILPL. Once submitted we are not obliged to discover such limitations and therefore are indemnified against such breaches of copyrights as could arise from our usage of the submitted material as stipulated in 4. above.

6. Is it N1m for every category or N1m for all categories?

We wish it is N1m for every category. But it is not. The AFIRE prize is N1m for ALL categories.

7. Is AFIRE going to publish my work if I win?

No. Writers are free to take their works anywhere they like after they win. We do and will kindly offer free consulting services on publishing, if any winning writer requests for such a thing.

Kindly feel free to forward any further inquiries to our WHATSAPP number: +234 901 931 8639

Thank you. Keep writing.

From the AFIRE TEAM.

Source : LIB

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