How To Boost Performance Of Your Smartphone.


Posted by Samuel on Wed 26th Jun, 2019. 

There are so many ways you can boost the performance of your smartphone today. These are some of those ways.

With mobile use constantly on the rise, users are now spending as much as three hours and 15 minutes a day on their phones, most of which in exploring different apps.

Smartphones have become our wallets, address books and personal assistants. We use them to hail rides and to book appointments. We even make major payment decisions using our smartphones. If you aren’t doing so already, here is how to boost productivity and get the best out of your smart device.

Protect your smartphone

Data is only good if you have control over it. And if you don’t take security seriously, then unscrupulous persons will take advantage of your smartphone and do ugly stuff with it. You can start by encrypting the information on your smartphone via the settings option. Then add a pin code to make sure nobody is able to access your phone when you leave it unattended. If your smart device has facial recognition, finger print protection, or any other security feature, make good use of them to keep your information safe.

Another way to practice good security is to back up the content of your smartphone regularly. That way, your life will still go on smoothly even when you get a new smartphone. You should also install an antivirus on your smartphone to ensure better security by keeping it free of viruses and other malicious codes. Protecting your smartphone can make you seem paranoid, but nobody will think you smart if you leave it unprotected.

Install the right apps

There is more to a smartphone than just receiving calls. A new app is developed almost everyday that helps boost our productivity in some form or the other. For instance, you can download a scanner that allows you to scan documents on the go. There are many others that will help you plan your day and manage your expenses.

For those who need more functionality than the memo app will offer, Microsoft’s Office Suite is available on all mobile operating systems. For your daily commute, eWallets now make it easy to make payments within a safe environment. Fintechs have gone so far with their innovations that you might never need to enter a banking hall again unless you need to say hi. Even then, there are a number of communication apps, like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram.

With huge storage, large memories, and advanced pixels, smartphones have become the new personal computer. Boost your productivity by downloading apps based on your daily needs.

You can check your heart beat as well and measure your activity level each day. Cool, right? Health and fitness apps like My Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and SparkPeople can help you manage your daily exercise, caloric and nutritional intake. Some of these tools are helpful for managing health conditions, like diabetes, that require calorie and nutrition counting.

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Work on your phone

Smartphones make it easy to share stuff on social media platforms. Apps like Facebook and Twitter come pre-installed on most smart devices. But smartphones are not just convenient for doing fun things. You can do a lot of work using your smartphone and still be productive at the same time.

If you are a social media marketer or are managing your business’s social pages, Facebook has special apps to help you achieve your digital goals. There are bite-sized project management tools that complement your smartphone capabilities to help you complete important milestones at the workplace. You can create invoices on the go, and even connect your point of sale device to your smartphone to make selling easier and faster.

Smartphones bring convenience into our lives. Without compromising security, you can still boost your productivity and raise your company’s earnings.

Be productive, not busy

Because smartphones are at your fingertips, it is easy to disappear under a torrent of notifications. WhatsApp and Twitter notifications can rundown your battery or eat into your time. To be sure you are productive with your smartphone, set your notifications right to make sure only the right reminders reach you. Unless it is very necessary, turn off notifications for all applications you install. Leave only the ones you actually need to follow, like your in-house communication app.

Also, sort out your homepage screen. Remove the default selections and arrange the ones that aid you in your daily activities, like your ride-hailing app, online chats like WhatsApp, and Facebook Manager for your business pages. Keep your ToDo list widget very close as well to keep you on top of your day’s activities.

Don’t drop it

What good is a smartphone with a broken screen? Sure, it may still be possible to answer calls with it. However, this seriously compromises how well you can use your smart device. Besides, the aesthetics of your phone matters, especially in business circles.


Source: Sun News

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