How to Make Fortune from Waste Collection


By Kehinde Matthew — June 26, 2019

They say money is everywhere. You just have to know where to look. If you are thinking of starting a business and do not have capital, fear not.

All you need to do is to direct your focus on the gold mine called waste collection and recycling. Drop your ego, forget your pride and begin collecting. This is all you need to know about waste collection.

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· You can gather things like laundry bags, plastic bottles water sachets, yogurt wrappers, polythene bags, hospital drip bags, pop-corn wrapper, bread wrapper, cellophane, shopping bags etc.

· You can also take it a notch higher by collecting scrap iron materials as they earn you higher income.

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· Sort them each of them out into batches according to their materials.

· Weigh them to know how many kilograms each batch weighs.

· Take them to collection centre operators to earn money for collected waste. Recycling centres include: Recycle point, Wecyclers Nigeria Limited Hub, Richbol Environmental Services, Greenhill Recycling, Shonghai Packaging Industry etc.

It really is as simple as explained. You can be earning ₦140,000 per month depending on how serious you are. For every kilogram of polythene, you get around ₦45-₦55 depending on the recycling centre you go to.

If you can collect 100kilograms of polythene per day, you would get ₦5,500 daily. If you work for 26 days each month, you earn a whooping ₦140,000 with little or no capital! And guess what? You would be helping the environment be a safer place to live in!

Now you have no excuse to be idle. The question is: how willing are you to let go of your pride?

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