Why Coconut is Good for You and Your Baby During Pregnancy

Why Coconut is Good for You and Your Baby During Pregnancy

The human system varies in the way it functions, so you need to eat the right food at the right time and at the required amount, because your baby feeds on what you eat.

Coconut is enriched in a variety of nutrients essential for the body including calcium, sodium, magnesium, hormones, dietary fibre, potassium, enzymes, vitamins B & E, lauric acid etc.

Common health challenges which women face in pregnancy are anemia, morning sickness and urinary tract infections.

How can coconut help take care of these challenges?

Coconut helps blood circulation. It boosts the production of red blood cells owing to its essential minerals and enzymes.

Most of these challenges in pregnancy are a result of reduced blood flow through the circulatory system. The presence of iron which can be easily absorbed by the body in coconut makes coconut an excellent resort for anemia.

Coconut milk which is extracted by blending coconut in water is a very good source of healthy fat. It increases the production of breast milk and enhances the growth of the body.

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Virgin coconut oil produced through cold-pressing of coconut is useful in cooking and skin care. During pregnancy, it keeps the skin elastic and prevents scarring of the belly.

Coconut water is low in calories and easily absorbed by the body. Taking coconut water during pregnancy keeps pregnant women from dehydrating. It also prevents fatique and nausea.

One of the signs of pregnancy is constipation which is due to high levels of progesterone produced in pregnancy. Coconut, taken in adequate amounts, is ‘anti-constipatory’ in action.

Coconut also have anti –oxidant properties. It boosts immunity and helps to fight bacterial infections.

Make coconut part of your daily recipes during pregnancy and enjoy the great health benefits!

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