Easterners in Nigeria Only Love their People in Music’ – Burna Boy


Burna Boy in his interview with Julie Adenuga as Apple’s Up Next Artiste, opened up on some parts of his life including his music and what he does when he breaks down.

The BET Awards winner passed off the unknown side of his visits to Ghana in the interview, by disclosing that he goes there to get genuine peace.

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“That’s the only place I have actual genuine peace. When you go to Labadi Beach and you look at the line that separates the sky from the water, I feel like that’s where God lives,” he said to the show’s host Julie Adenuga.

“I go on my robot mode.. I play like 3-4 shows and I eventually break down. That’s what happens when I go to Ghana,” the ‘Dangote’ crooner added.

Burna Boy also revealed that he was making music for himself, before 2014 when he performed in a stadium in the Eastern part of Nigeria. He claimed that Easterners only love only their people in music, and a singer has really “popped” when he has crossed over.

“That’s the first time I did a show in a stadium in the eastern part of Nigeria, where it is like they only like their own people. So if you cross over there, then like you’ve popped. Like I’ve never seen nothing in my life, I didn’t even think it was real thing that could happen”.

Source :LIB

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