Bola Tinubu: Not a god After all

Some consider Bola Tinubu, All Progressive Congress (APC), national leader a god of a sort.

But there are those who know that despite being stupendously rich and brainy, he is just a mere mortal.

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The man, who is considered by many as the brain behind the many successes of APC in the South West has been at the receiving end of criticism in the past days.

Once highly respected among Yoruba elders, Tinubu appears to have lost loyalists in some places especially with reactions to his statement during what was supposed to be his condolence visit to the father of the slain Funke Olakunrin, Pa Reuben Fasoranti.

Absolving herdsmen from Olakunrin’s death, Tinubu had been quoted saying that those accusing the nomads of the deceased’s murder could not back their claims with evidence.

Tinubu’s position on the death of the daughter of the Afenifere leader has however seen him heavily criticised by many who once respected his views on issues.

Source………. Operanews

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