Today’s Graduation Party

As the children went on exhibiting their talents in songs, plays, calisthenics and the likes, I felt something run down my spine; a nostalgic feeling.

Today’s graduation party reminds me of ‘Police Check-point’, in which I was a character. I was a sergeant in the play. I was Sergeant Ekwekwe. It was in the twinkle of an eye that the little girl turned into a policeman.

You need to see me in my police attire, with a scarf we called Ban-dan round my crown, and a pair of dark spectacles on my eyes. I was sure none of the parents or guardians who know me knew I was the one, because I was really transformed by my attire.

I remember how my colleagues and I stood at the check-point, stopping every vehicle, and collecting our share from drivers. One driver refused to cooperate, and I held him back, even when my colleagues agreed that the man should pass. I vehemently refused, because my name was Ekwekwe – one who does not agree.

That’s was in 2001, when I graduated from Primary Six.

Now, looking back, I see the good old little days of mine, and I wouldn’t know how it would be if I were to turn the hands of the clock. Surely, I know I can’t bring back the days, but the memories are there at my disposal.

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