His Aim…

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Adversity comes for many reasons and in different forms. Have you ever asked yourself why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, even right now?

Are you undergoing psychological trauma? Or are you in a physical one?

Do you feel mentally deranged as if something would soon fly off your head?

Do you feel intimidated and down-trodden? Or do you feel neglected, rejected and dejected?

Has your mind concluded that God has closed your chapter?

Yes, you might have asked many questions, but you have failed to ask the most important one – the purpose for that adversity.

Let me bring it to the field of medical profession.

Consider a patient who has been subjected to a complete bed rest. This is the only way he can receive full therapy. He has paralysis; in fact paralysis of the hands and legs but this is not a permanent one. The doctor has confirmed he can be treated. And you know that those paralysed hands and legs have lost the flow of blood; the circulation of blood around and in those regions has been impaired. The doctor, in trying to infuse life into those regions, causes what the patient referred to as ‘hurt.’

Indeed, the patient thinks the doctor is hurting him because of the pain he feels. The doctor cannot do otherwise. That is the only way he could bring those hands and legs back to life, for them to carry out their normal and required function – so it is with us.

We might probably have become dormant and inactive for our Creator and if he tries to give us the life we need, we shout and cry at the pains we experience.

Adversity brings out the best in us. It is in adversity that you see the busiest business man, who has no time for God or his fellow humans, sit down and have a re-think of all his ordeals. It is in adversity that you see that busiest businessman kneel down and pray to God.

It is in adversity that you see people examine themselves. Adversity sharpens our understanding and in it people make good use of their IQ to solve problems. It is in adversity that you find out that what you think is impracticable is practicable; you marvel at the different routes or pathways to your final destination which you never knew existed.

Adversity exposes the good side of bad situations; if you don’t allow it to overwhelm and defeat you. It adds to that ladder which would take you to your ultimate aim.

What I mean is this. You have a ladder with different steps. The steps represent your objectives and the scope of your dream. You climb the ladder by surmounting the steps, by achieving your objectives one after another. If perchance you happen to encounter an obstacle, probably when you have reached the last step to your dream and the obstacle backfires and prevents you from taking grip of your ultimate goal, do not despair or panic. Take that obstacle and add it to the steps you would have to climb. Do you know the result? Greater heights; limitless heights. You would see yourself soaring high, flying in and above the sky; to meet the abode of the Creator who had deliberately put these obstacles just for you to come to him by climbing added steps. I assure you, the angle of your projection – that angle with which you would be projected from the ground level -would be immeasurable. You wouldn’t even believe it. Certainly, you will not!

Happy leisure reading!

Chinenye H.G Ofokansi

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