African qualifying draw for 2022 World Cup Published July 29, 2019

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The African preliminary qualifying round draw for the 2022 World Cup was made in Cairo Monday :

Ethiopia v Lesotho
Somalia v Zimbabwe
Eritrea v Namibia
Burundi v Tanzania
Djibouti v eSwatini (formerly Swaziland )

Botswana v Malawi
Gambia v Angola
Liberia v Sierra Leone
Mauritius v Mozambique
Sao Tome e Principe v Guinea -Bissau
South Sudan v Equatorial Guinea
Comoros v Togo
Chad v Sudan
Seychelles v Rwanda

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First , second legs : Sept 2- 10
Byes : Senegal , Tunisia, Nigeria , Algeria , Morocco , Egypt , Ghana , Cameroon , Democratic Republic of Congo , Ivory Coast, Mali , Burkina Faso , South Africa , Guinea , Cape Verde , Uganda , Zambia , Benin , Gabon , Congo Brazzaville , Madagascar , Niger, Libya, Mauritania , Kenya, Central African Republic

Source……… Punch News

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