Fine Art By Abdulkareem


By Ayandola Ayanleke. On Jul 30, 2019. 

Abdulkareem Abdullah Omotayo is a young Fine Artist. The student of Obafemi Awolowo University started art since the age of 7.IMG_1733-e1564511173805-225x300

“I remember how I used to draw automobiles on my books with pencil and I was always the best at art in class, I even graduated as the best in my set in secondary school.

“Although I did a lot of drawing, I was not yet exposed to the rudiment of art. So after my secondary school, while waiting for admission to study my dream course (Fine Art), I discovered amazing artists and artworks through Google.”IMG_20190602_092040

“I was blown away the first day I saw it and it made me realize I had a long way to go. I found many of them, including Arinze Stanley and started following them on social media.”


“Since then, I was challenged to do same, so I started practicing every other day, even though I didn’t have proper materials, I improvised. It took me two years before I was finally able to create my first hyper-realistic work.”

“My first hyper-realistic work was a self-portrait which I titled, “Good News.” I immediately started another one because I discovered a lot while doing the first one and I created another work titled, “Arrival of Adulthood” and it was better than the first.”IMG_20190731_084905

“The piece drew attention on social media and I got featured on an art page on Instagram.”

“Since then, there has been no going back. I have done some many works including sculpture, painting and pencil works. I have also been exploring many other medium, such as oil color, acrylic, cloth-dyeing, modeling and casting with fibre glass.”

“My work largely addresses societal issues. Basically, my love for philosophy of life inspires my works.”

Connect with him via

Instagram and Twitter: artby_abdullah

Phone number: 09057297540

Source : Spark Magazine

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