Nigerian Woman Accuses Christians of Having an Unforgiving Spirit for not Kneeling to Pray for ‘Satan’

A Twitter user has accused Christians of not practicing what they preach. According to her Christians preach about forgiving your enemies and praying for them but not once have they knelt to pray for Satan.IMG_20190802_095047

Days ago, @Adunni_Achebe tweeted that ”Satan is the most misunderstood guy” who “gets blamed for everything” and “we never heard his side of the story”. Her tweet was attacked by Christians and she was also attacked personally so she addressed that in a thread.IMG_20190802_095117

She tweeted as follow up:

So I made this tweet a few days back about Satan & how we never heard his side of the story and religious folks came for my head.

You all are a bunch of hypocrites.

You like to talk big on forgiveness and all but which one of you have ever knelt down to say a prayer for Satan?

She added:IMG_20190802_095141

You admit we are all sinners & pride yourselves on how your faith preaches forgiveness but which one of you ever thought, “gee, this guy might deserve forgiveness”.

Never in 21 centuries has anyone one ever had the compassion to pray for the one sinner that needed it most.

Read the rest of her thread below.IMG_20190802_095215IMG_20190802_095547

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