What is the greatest legacy?

Often times, we spend all of our time on things that matter for just a while. We kill ourselves with struggle. We compete to be at the top. We trample on others, we step on people’s toes in a quest to be at the top – to be the most important.

What is it that really matters?

Do we really need to compete?

I once told a friend I don’t like competing, and he gave me that look – he was like what are you saying?

I said to him, I know you would tell me there are different types of competition, and one of them is good – healthy competition?

And I told him this:

The earth is so spacious to accommodate all living on its surface.

And at every point in time, whether you’re standing, walking, sitting or lying down, each person has enough space around him.

I told him we don’t need to compete because, God has endowed everyone with potentials that only need harnessing. And because of this unique potentials everyone has, no matter how you struggle to become what another is, you might not measure up with them – It’s just like dog measuring height with lion, or snail measuring height with snake.

What really matters is that you’re able to harness those ‘God-given’ potentials to the optimum.

The greatest legacy is how you were able to affect lives around you positively with what God has endowed you with.

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