#RevolutionNow: Is Sowore’s Arrest Justified? (1)

On August 7, 2019. 

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona, Dickson Omobola, Tolulope Oke, Chiamaka Uba, Deborah Alade & Anifowose Opeyemi

We are trapped in history and history is trapped in us. #RevolutionNow is not new to us in this country; in fact, we have notable faces in our current government who were once involved in a similar scenario (#Occupy). The detention of Sowore by the FG is against humanity and it’s totally appalling. When the government is not doing what it is supposed to do, the masses have the right to move the motion for a protest and as long as it’s a peaceful one, I see nothing wrong in that.

— Ayo Afolabi Actor

Revolution Now is Omoyele Sowore’s opinion. It could have been a way to test his popularity, unfortunately, the FG did not allow it. His detention is nothing new. He can’t be detained forever. To an extent, the FG has not lived up to expectation.


Revolutions don’t solve political problems. The kind of revolution we need will be one that will shake the table and reposition Nigeria for better.

Sowore may have joined the elites in Nigeria. They can never be trusted when they get to power.

— Julius Adegunna Publisher

I support the idea of #RevolutionNow. Enough is enough! We can’t sit down and keep watching things moving backwards in our country.

We, the Nigerian people, must stand together in order to bring an end to any act of tyranny in our nation. Nigeria is not a banana republic.

— Abdul Dan-Alhaji Journalist

This is a democratic system of government. Any government that claims to have integrity but fails to accept constructive criticism has hoodwinked its citizens. The integrity is nothing but hoax, Sowore should not be detained.

— Dahunsi Olabode Student

I think Sowore was beclouded by his intent that he was not meticulous enough about the mode of execution that would not in any way contradict the constitution. Peaceful revolution is oxymoronic. The law enforcers would still be blamed for not being proactive if it had turned to a civil unrest. Let the law take its course.

—Olumuyiwa Omowonuola Researcher

Constitutionally, Sowore has done nothing wrong. Therefore, he doesn’t deserve to be treated in that manner. Freedom of speech is part of democracy. The answer to Sowore’s agitation is good governance and a good government doesn’t fear any revolution.

The people will not keep quiet on his arrest as well as the arrest of comrades whose voices this oppressive civilian regime has tried to silence.

—Asanlu Duntoye Artistic Director

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