There Is a Country

On August 10, 2019. By Dr Ugoji Egbujo

I took a long walk. I saw many things.

The road stood large. She sat like a saint. She had to be . She had a flimsy tank top and a mini skirt. Her knees shone.

She is a Christian prostitute.

I passed her. She whistled. A car whizzed past. It was lonely. IBB road. I didnt look back but a car screeched to a halt. I knew it was for her. She looked 18.

Just then a figure moved quickly and crossed the wide empty road. Her shadow struck me . She had a long slippery skirt. And a purple hijab. She was well covered .

She must be a muslim prostitute.

It dawned on me. The way I ignored her christain colleague must have fed her with urgency. I could be a lonely Muslim man with an appetite for things that are not doubly haram. It made sense. She slowed in front of me and pulled on her skirt, turning her ass into a round ball.



Hard work.

I quickened my steps . She muttered something. It seemed a curse. Another car whizzed past. And then slowed down . And drew my attention to another in long skirt and a blouse with long sleeves. She looked a little elderly. The sort of pick a man addicted to sleeping with peoples wives would prefer. She could pass for an aunty.

Such an assortment

She would fit muslim and Christian patrons. She was perhaps an intereligious prostitute from the middle belt . The bargain didn’t work. The man used a torch to check her bust. It wasnt flat. But it was failing. I wondered why he botherd to check.

Another car pulled up. A crowd jumped out from the shadows and chorused their welcome greetings to a reliable customer. The throng was a mixed breed in skirts and leggings. He wanted many. I overheard him say “na charter” . Charter must have perhaps a special price, wholesale price!

I crossed the road. At the median were two Christian prostitutes. They whistled. I frowned. They said something silly in Igbo. They wondered why I was walking in their territory if I wasnt interested. The other hinted that I might be looking for customers myself. That told me there could be a few male prostitutes around, somewhere.

Nice walk.

Muslims and Christians working together in harmony. Our cultural and religious diversity providing a rich menu for our carnivores.

There, there is a country.


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