5 SURPRISING Nigerian Foods That Kills Pot Belly & Help Weight loss


If you are a man with pot belly or a woman with belly fat or perhaps just want to lose fat around your arms or other part of your body.
This article would help you ,READ it to the end
My name is Damilola, a health & fitness coach and for the past 2 years I have been helping over weight men and women like you get their dream body without taking expensive pills( that don’t even work) or crazy diet plans that starve you.
What I have discovered is that a fraction of our Nigerian foods are extremely fatty and filled with lots of calories.
Here are the Nigerian Foods That Are Low in Calorie and Burns Fat.
Why we chose these foods as fat burner is simple, they are low in calorie high in fiber
1. Brown Rice
Popularly known as Ofada, this meal is bae especially with a rich orisirisi stew ( I am already drooling!). It has a high fiber content which keeps bowel movement at a peak, therefore making digestion much easier.It also makes the tummy feel full so you can afford to eat smaller meal portions. And it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.
Now you didn’t expect me to skip this one did you? Vegetables go a long way to help shrink belly fat fast especially when you eat them in the right way.They help with ease of bowel movement by helping with easy digestion. One amazing thing about eating vegetables is that you can eat plates full of them without having to worry about the calories. However, do not overcook them!3. Plantain
Plantains are a slightly bigger, starchier, and less sweet member of the banana family. Like their cousin, plantains are a great source of resistant starch, containing nearly 3 grams in a half-cup when cooked.
In most places, plantain (ripe or unripe) is either roasted, boiled or fried and consumed with or without accompaniment – to help you feel full for long.The delicious combination of “boli” and fish stew or groundnut is a life saver. This beauty is one of the best sources of potassium and fiber in the whole world, boosting the immune system and helping with digestion. Another advantage of plantain is the different ways you can have it, whether it’s grilled, steamed or even boiled. You can enjoy it as a meal or a snack!
Fish is rich in omega 3 and omega 6. It’s an amazing source of protein which is highly needed to shrink belly fat fast. The trick with fish however is not to fry away all of its nutrients as a lot of us are used to doing. So, rather than boil, fry and then cook with stew, try stewing or steaming.
I’m sure your will agree these foods are within reach and cheap too. If you make it a big part of your diet you will be sure to get positive results gradually.
5.Sweet Potatoes
Like the Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes are a great source of slimming resistant starch, which triggers feelings of satiety. But they also boast nutritional benefits all of their own: just one baked sweet potato contains 438% of your daily vitamin A (versus 1% in a white potato), 37% of your daily vitamin C, as well as calcium, potassium, and iron.
They’re also low-calorie (about 105 in a medium sweet potato) and contain 4 grams of filling dietary fiber, 16% of the daily recommended amount.
I’m sure your will agree these foods are within reach and cheap too. If you make it a big part of your diet you will be sure to get positive results gradually.
Now with these 5 foods been added to your diet you have started your journey to losing fat naturally.

Source: Vanguard

Author: Sunday

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