Nigerian Celebrities R eact as Rihanna Begs for Burna Boy’s Song to be Played

Nigerian celebrities have reacted to a video showing Rihanna dancing and singing to a song by Burna Boy.

The video which was aired live on Rihanna’s Instagram page, shows the singer going gaga over ‘Ye’, a song by Burna Boy.

See how Nigerian celebrities reacted below.Nigerian-celebrities-reacts-as-Rihanna-begs-for-Burna-Boy’s-song-to-be-played-2Nigerian-celebrities-reacts-as-Rihanna-begs-for-Burna-Boy’s-song-to-be-played-1

See video below:

In a recent interview with The Fader, Burna revealed that Nigeria as a country is misunderstood by outsiders and even Nigerians themselves.

”Nigeria is being misunderstood by insiders. I can guarantee you that at least 90% of my age group considered the youth had no clue about the real origins of Nigeria.

”There’s so much truth that need to be known. The only thing that can save the youth is knowledge and financial independence” he said.

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