Ginna Crochets and Wigs

Ginna Crochet is here for your hair-do classic styles.Do you need a durable and affordable crochet for your hair beauty? Check out our crochets below.Ginna Crochet comes in different styles, colours and lengths.

Style: Twists. Length: 18 inches; 21 Colours: black, dark blue, purple. Price: N1100( Wholesale), N1300(retail price). Shipping excluded.

Style: Short wavy curls. Length: 10 inches; 12 inches. Colours: black, dark blue, wine red, purple. Price: N1000(wholesale), N1300(retail). Shipping fees excluded.

Style: Short Telephone Curls

Available in black, wine red and purplePrice(Retail) : N1600 for a pack of 60 pieces. Wholesale Price: N1300 (for I dozen and more). Shipping fees excluded.

Style: Twist Camouflage; Length: 18 inches Available in Black, Purple, Blue and Wine red. Pack of 30 pieces; 2 packs for full hair. Price:N1100(Wholesale), N1400(Retail). Shipping Excluded.

Style: Twist-Breaks, Length 18 inches, Pack of 30 pieces. 2 Packs for full hair. Price: N1200 (wholesale), N1400(retail). Shipping fees excluded

Style: Telephone Twist Curls; available in Wine red, black and purple. Length:13inches. Pack of 40 pieces; 2 packs for full hair.

Price: N1500(Retail); N1200(Wholesale), shipping excluded.

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