BBNaija news today: Mercy, Frodd and more


There is always something juicy on BBNaija news as contestants of the reality show bring us more entertainment with each passing day. As the show draws to a close, the drama in the house intensifies as every contestant wants to take the final prize home.One of the things that have been characteristic of the show is the relationship that contestants have forged during their stay. Lovers and potential lovers have been identified not to mention that people have crossed each other while others grew closer. The big question, though, remains if these relationships are likely to last after the competition. Only time can truly tell as fans keep track.

Relationships on track

We have heard of several relationships or those that appeared to point to that direction. Fans have been treated to shows of Frodd’s dedicated love for Esther and even got to know about Nelson’s interest in Esther. However, one relationship that seems to have been birthed and will even continue out of the house is the one between Mercy and Ike. Theirs seems like a real love story that they could pursue to see where it could lead to. It won’t be surprising if the two got married, at least that is what fans would hope for.Ike’s sister approves
In what seems like a confirmation of their relationship, Ike’s sister seems to agree that Mercy is indeed the right woman for her brother. Her own words of affirmation in a Twitter post seem to confirm this. Ike’s sister, who was identified with the username @Cinammon1, said that Mercy is the woman her brother has been searching for.The sister was prompted to comment after a fan expressed nothing but pure love for Mercy and Ike, referring to them as not-ordinary. It seemed adorable that the two are obsessed with each other, in a good way of course.

Frodd wins veto power

In other news, Frodd may not be with his love interest but he got to win the ultimate title after Big Brother introduced a twist to the game at this stage. He got to win the ultimate veto power after a whole week of playing. He emerged the winner on Sunday, September 22, after one of his photos finally matched the one in the red box. The perks that come with winning this power include single-handedly selecting the 5 members that would be up for possible eviction.With the show slowly winding up, Biggie deemed it fit to introduce a twist to the game, perhaps to break the monotony. With the ultimate veto power challenge introduced, contestants will not have to go to the diary room to pick possible evictees. In this new challenge, all housemates were supposed to pick photos on each day of the week. The winner would be the person whose photo matches the one in a certain red box.
Frodd was lucky to win and he was happy about it.As usual, the big win has attracted a lot of views from fans.Starting off the trail of comments is Big Brother himself as he announced the great win for Frodd. He even posed a question and left fans to guess the 5 people that Frodd would be putting up for eviction.One fan was quick to point out that this was just but a start to the finals. He surely stands a great chance of eliminating his competition.Here is another grateful fan who has taken his time to break down the wins that some of his favourite stars have already won and the potential wins to come. It is a moment to be grateful.This fan cannot be contained as the joy is limitless. You can tell that he is one of the many number one Frodd fans. He appreciates the fact that Frodd was still favoured even when it was impossible for him to buy back immunity.Trust a fan to narrow things down for you. According to @Yollzz_D, only two finalists stand a chance and that would be Frodd and Mercy. All eyes will definitely be on these two.Tacha and Diane get into a heated argumentIn related news earlier in the week, a fight ensued between Diane and Tacha as the two exchanged in a heated argument. The cause of the argument was a missing red box. Tacha, who has grown to be known as the show’s biggest offender, lashed out at Diane accusing her of getting too drunk to watch the box.It just seems as though Tacha is a perfectionist who needs things to go her way all the time. Chances are that this was an honest mistake considering the fact that the housemates received an unexpected guest as a surprise. With the famous 2Baba in their midst, it is perfectly understood if Diane got carried away and perhaps lost sight of the box along the way.
Some may say that Tacha’s reaction was uncalled for, especially because she went ahead to call Diane stupid and accused her of taking alcohol which she was unable to handle.“You are stupid for leaving that box. You don drink. You don’t know how to drink and you’re drinking. Small pikin…You should be happy that we are in this house. Outside this house you cannot even ask me what the time is. You cannot. You know you cannot.”Annoyed and refusing to take things lying down, Diane slammed Tacha referring to her character being as dark as her own soul. Clearly, Tacha is definitely the confrontational type. One wonders if she is perfect or never goes wrong. Maybe it is about time people accepted her for who she is.

Tacha fails in spelling

Talking of ‘perfect Tacha’ , often described as Port Harcourt’s first daughter, she was unable to spell the same word correctly. The fact that she was unable to spell Port Harcourt correctly when she titled her painting was what attracted a lot of attention from Nigerians. Definitely, social media users did not spare her as they took turns on Twitter to roast her. The comments range from shocking to utterly hilarious. Check out what people have been saying so far.It seems unfathomable that Tacha would fail to spell the city in which she grew correctly. It is almost puzzling. With an illustration of the painting and the caption, this fan feels that it is sad that Tacha could not even spell a simple word. It is even worse because it is her own city.
Another social media user felt that Tacha would do better if she concentrated on better things other than fights and quarrels. It was shameful that she missed the spelling. Commenting on this very observation, many fans called Tacha names with one even referring to her as a Chiwawa, whatever that insinuated.Fortunately for Tacha, not everyone was against her. There are those who felt that despite her shortcomings, this one seemed like an honest mistake that no one was above.
One of Tacha’s fans came out all defensive.Then there are those with undying honesty. No matter what Tacha does, she still remains queen to them.Source: LegitAuthor: Tokunbo Okafor

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