Streets in Lebanon named after Nigeria and Abuja

Nigeria seems not be a country but a sort of positive movement that is represented almost everywhere across the globe with the many success stories and ground breaking records of its citizens.

A testament to these are the pictures that were shared by the deputy commissioner of police, Tunji Disu, which showed two different Lebanese streets that were named after Nigeria and its capital, Abuja.

Their art works were installed with the help of Polly Alakija at Oxo building on Thames. The art works were hung close to the balconies of the building in a way that adds a unique look to it.


The artworks are in different shapes and sizes as some look like bags, while others look like the kegs popularly used in the country to buy fuel from filling stations.


On those materials are beautiful drawings that seem like a playful but well created graffiti. Looking at the picture, it would seem as those are boards or plaques for whatever the children wanted to express.

It should be noted that Prolly Alakija, the installer, moved to the country from the UK in 1989 and spent most of her time in the ancient city of Ibadan.

Between 2005 and 2015, she lived in South Africa. She presently lives in Lagos where she works from her studio there. Prolly is a trained teacher and focus on community arts and how she could develop the urban spaces.

Source: Legit

Author: Joseph Omotayo

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