Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo: An Enigma, by Yvonne Chuks

October 29, 2019 Press Release

Those who THINK they have, direct their energies to vagueness; those who KNOW they do, deals with issues with whom they have it. Today, people subject their targets to social media court when they have something to hide; lack the moral standard to directly confront their issues and have no legitimate justification for their case. The social media can be a “Lifeline” and a “Deathline;” on that platform, characters have been built as well destroyed; it is a cheap means to affirm and defame fellow humans. A large chunk of people on social media platforms are not discerning; they are easily captured by social lies.


As events unfold with the passing of time, there are more to the eyes can see; whatever you see or hear is actually what you are granted access to, either by divinity or humanity. Nobody knows all and none will, however, with frantic investigative efforts with the right intelligence, humans tends to know quite a lot. Life is not all linear, it has its curves, and everything is controlled by invincible beings working through visible men. Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo was put on a curve.

A lot of evil happen in the world today; to make matters complex, they are digitally packaged. Warfare has been moved from the conventional space to cyberspace, making well-orchestrated attacks have tremendous impact on targets – The brave survives and become even more powerful, while cowards sink with it.

I am a student of success and my philosophy on allegations is simple: if you sink during or after an allegation, your accusers are right about what you are accused of; you prove them right by sinking. Your accusers are on a wrong path when their allegations reinforce your greatness rather than destroy it. My last article was on THE ROLE MOEDELE FATOYINBO played, published in Premium Times; I dared taking my eyes off the allegations and focused on the capacity of the woman behind the man that was accused. For those who have value for the marriage institution, please, read that article and take cue from Mrs. Fatoyinbo. Strength is all there is to life; the weak will never survive the hurdles life brings. I focus on strength rather than weakness, because it is all that makes for greatness.

Modele-Fatoyinbo Modele Fatoyinbo 

There is a nature that makes for success; forget about success and greatness if you lack that nature. From the inception of human existence to its current state, everyone successful possesses that nature. It is called COURAGE. Courage is the lifeline to whatever needs to be started, sustained and ended. According to Maya Angelou:

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

Maya Angelou

Before his election as the 45th President of The United States of America, I already have an admiration for his guts to success; I have read some articles about him, his books, The Art of the deal and Why We Want You To Be Rich. President Donald J. Trump is an institution to be studied; this does not mean he is perfect; he has his flaws, which do not mean all the negative pictures the mainstream media airs about him are true. You don’t understand the complexities of greatness if you pay attention to every allegation. People can say anything, the mainstream media can air anything; it only cements the fact that we are in a system that targets the great, and will go any length to dim and even put off their ‘Light.’

In the wake of the 2017 elections, there was every man-made reason for Donald Trump to step off the race, as countless allegations were leveled against him. The same allegations that swayed previous candidates off the race galvanized his resolve. Even as a sitting President, he is still combating the mainstream establishment.

Closely I watched as the wind of allegations on COZA Senior Pastor blew; although, an allegation yet to be proven true; while that is not my focus, I have seen a man who has been through a lot; the same ‘River’ that drowned many kept him afloat, I think he knows something and I consider those sitting under him fortunate.

Fatoyinbo-and-trip The family of Fatoyinbo on a trip The family of Fatoyinbo on a trip

On COZA facebook handle, I saw photos of Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo and his family on a trip outside their home country, Italy, I supposed. It struck something in me. I saw a family that have decided to focus on their success rather than their detractors; I saw a family that have moved on irrespective of haters; I saw a family strongly bonded together; I saw a family that understood that you don’t become anything remaining at the point your detractors met you. My conclusion is, Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo is an enigma. The fact that he is an enigma is getting his detractors more screwed. Eventually, Mr. Biodun Fatoyinbo will be a man to be studied on how to bounce back and become stronger in the midst of allegations.

In as much as I don’t know you and will love to have an interview with you on how you were able to whether storms; I know that few men survive and thrive after such; few men dare the storm and watch it calm. Sincerely, Mr. Biodun is a rare breed; he has faith; I envy his focus, discipline and unflinching capacity to leave the past behind. 

In a second thought, I felt like those allegations are arranged; because after each, COZA grew bigger, members become more bonded, Mr. Biodun bounce back stronger and become more famous. Could it be a strategy for growth and fame? That I can’t prove, it is just a thought.

For those who are emotionally driven and lack capacity to see beyond a one sided story, don’t worry, I understand your plight. It shall be addressed.

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