What Lines, Blemishes On Your Face Say About Your Health


If you’re not one of those who are absolutely blessed with naturally clear skin, then you might be like most people who go through the occasional annoying acne breakout, redness, uneven skin tone and of course, skin dryness. And if you are, then we’re sure you’ve probably wondered what’s the underlying reason behind all of this, and we’re also sure that you’ve already tried various products, as well as looked at various internet articles that can supposedly help you put an end to all this.


If we’re correct, and none of what you tried has worked, then you might want to consider face mapping, which is essentially, a theory rooted in both ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, dating back to thousands of years ago.

Basically, the premise of the theory is that whenever you get some ailment like redness or dryness, or even a bunch of acnes in your face, where you get them on their face is indicative of something else that’s going on in your body, be it your liver, heart or kidney. Essentially, the theory goes that everything is connected in our bodies, and that it gives us clues as to what’s going on all the time, given that we know how to read them.

Here are the 10 different “zones” that are usually followed:

  1. Lines/wrinkles on left side of eyes – problems with spleen and liver function.
  2. Lines/wrinkles on right side of eyes – Tied to poor liver function, and means that you are repressing anger, per traditional Chinese medicine.
  3. Breakouts or lines above eyebrows – Heart function problem.
  4. Forehead blemishes – May be connected to unmanaged stress, sleep deprivation and poor digestion; impacts bladder and small intestine.
  5. Breakouts between and above your nose area – Imbalance in the stomach, bladder, spleen or kidney. Acne near the nostrils may also mean gut-related problems.
  6. Acne on the chin, jaw and around the mouth – Imbalance in the reproductive system, as well as large intestine.
  7. Puffiness under the eyes – Poor kidney function.
  8. Red cheeks – may mean allergies, or dysfunction in the liver, lungs and stomach.
  9. Red nose – Heart-related issues, such as inflammation or high blood pressure.
  10. Neck irritation – Stress affecting your immune system.

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