Does the end really justify the means in all cases?

The idea of ‘the end justifies the means’ comes from the mindset of man trying to come out of trouble or situation; manage inevitable circumstance or unavoidable event. Those who focus their minds on averting trouble or situation which they may have created for themselves usually have this idea in mind as an alternative means to arrive at the solution to their problems. Some apply this alternative means at all cost because they think it’s a right way to carry out their actions. The sole aim of such people is to get out of the trouble in question; they do not think about the consequences of their actions or consider stepping on another’s toe in the process. Most times, their actions are secretly carried out or done in clandestine manner.

People who wrongly apply ‘the end justifies the means’ principle, causing abuse of use of the principle, usually do so to the detriment of another person especially to one’s interest, concern or life. Such abuse can also be to the detriment of a people, community, or nation’s interest or concern as the case may be. Their actions are usually seen to be repulsive to natural justice as their judgment or decisions used to appear irrational when one considers that they usually take offensive actions against another, other person, institution, organization or established authority that did not cause them the trouble they irrationally want to solve. For this reason, and for many other negative influences this manner of application or use of this principle can bring, many right-thinking persons regard using this principle from motivates not of good ones…

Read more from the book, The End Justifies the Means – views from wrong perspectives, written by a veteran author- Anthony Nweke

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