Men also Have Breast Cancer’


On November 8, 2019

Dayo Ojerinde

The acting Executive Director of Project Pink Blue, Mr Emeka Nwagboso, has stressed the need for everyone to get involved in breast cancer awareness, saying the ailment also affects men.

 Nwagboso, during a cancer awareness walk and screening held in Lagos to commemorate the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, said cancer was a critical public health problem in Nigeria with 115,950 new cases of cancer and 70,327 cancer deaths recorded in the country in 2018.

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 “In Nigeria, many people perceive breast cancer as a female or women issue, hence, when you are talking to people about breast cancer, they say, ‘oh it’s for women,’ and very few attention is given to breast cancer in our health care plan.

 “The truth is that men also have breast cancer, we have seen many men who are down with breast cancer, so there is a need for everyone to get involved in breast cancer awareness. We need to save our men and women from breast cancer deaths,” Nwagboso said.

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 The Deputy Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly said, Sanni Eshinlokun, who participated in the walk reiterated the need for people to go for regular screening for early detection and treatment of cancer.

 He said, “Lagos State House of Assembly has enacted a law on the awareness and treatment of cancer. The Lagos State Government is working towards making life easier for the people in Lagos. Both men and women have to always check themselves.”


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