World’s tallest atrium, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, opens in China By Matthew Robinson, CNN Nov 20, 2019.

(CNN) – A building designed by Zaha Hadid Architects has been opened in Beijing featuring the world’s tallest atrium.
The Leeza SOHO tower is located in the Fengtai business district of Chinese capital and features 45 stories of new office and business space.

It was designed by the architectural firm founded by the renowned British-Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid, who died in 2016.

The building’s unique design features two distinct twisting towers, enclosed by a single façade shell with an atrium extending the whole height of the building.
“The emerging space between these two halves extends the full height of the tower, creating the world’s tallest atrium at 194.15m (636 ft) which rotates through the building as the tower rises to realign the upper floors with Lize Road to the north,” the studio states.

“This rotation of the atrium intertwines Leeza SOHO’s two halves in a dynamic ‘pas de deux’,” it adds.
The studio notes that the atrium will be intersected by four separate skybridges connecting the two halves of the building at different levels.
The glass façade and full-height atrium will also provide panoramic views of the city, while bringing large amounts of natural light deep into the structure.

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The building is positioned on a plot adjacent to the Fengtai’s rail station and straddles a new underground subway service tunnel.
It is intended to become a focal point for the new business district, the atrium has been designed to act as a public square and is connected directly to the city’s transport network.

“Located on Lize Road in southwest Beijing, Leeza SOHO tower anchors the new Fengtai business district – a growing financial and transport hub between the city center and the recently opened Beijing Daxing International Airport to the south,” the studio notes.

The building was designed to achieve LEED Gold certification and features an advanced energy management system which monitors environmental control and energy efficiency in real time.

This will include systems designed to trap heat from exhaust air, along with high-efficiency pumps, fans, chillers, boilers, lighting and controls. It will also provide dedicated charging spaces for electric and hybrid vehicles below ground.

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