Breaking: Catholic Church March against Rituals, Internet Fraud by Yahoo-boys


On November 26, 2019. 

By Jimitota Onoyume

Members of Catholic Diocese of Warri, Delta state have embarked on a march against ritual killings, internet fraud by Yahoo Boys, pleading that they could still make it in life if they embraced hard work.

Led by Reverend Father Emmanuel Obadjere, Director Justice Development and Peace Commission, JDPC of the Diocese and the Priest in charge of St Williams Catholic Church, Orerokpe, headquarters of Okpe local government area, they marched down to the palace of the Orodje of Okpe kingdom in Orerokpe from St Williams Catholic church.

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Father Obadjere told the Orodje of Okpe kingdom, His Majesty Orhue I, Orodje of Okpe kingdom, Major General Felix Mujakperuo rtd , that they were in the palace to urge monarchs across the state to join in spreading the message against ritual killings, internet fraud by Yahoo Boys in their various communities, adding that most of the Yahoo Boys were already regretting their involvement because of the demands on them by various shrines for sacrifice to remain rich.

Ginna Crochets IMG-20190728-WA0000

Continuing, he said the walk against Yahoo economy was part of the events lined up for this year’s JDPC week with the theme “ Reinventing Nigeria for a better future and a sub-theme “Menace of Ritual killings and internet fraud – Yahoo Yahoo”.

He said in his church, St Williams Catholic Church, Orerokpe, about fifteen pensioners came to him that they lost all their gratuities, money to Yahoo Boys who laid hands on their ATM cards. “ All the Boys do when they lay hands on your ATM cards is to take the information on it and in seconds all the money in the accounts are gone. The Boys live among us, so we are begging that they should change from this way of earning money and work hard, they can still be rich from hard work”, he said.

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The Orodje of Okpe thanked the church for the campaign against the criminal activities of the Yahoo Boys, adding that parents, guardians should also endeavour to discourage their children and wards from such criminal path. ‘ Some parents are not helping matters. When they see their children come home with some expensive items they should ask the right questions and when necessary scold “

The church members later marched through the community distributing handbills bearing the inscription “ Say no to ritual killings and Yahoo “, “ Defrauding others of their hard-earned money is not being smart, curses follow ill-gotten wealth and destroy generations after. Today’s sacrifice of anima blood may tomorrow require human blood for renewal. Woe to him who raises his house on unjust profit and fixes his nest so high to avoid the reach of misfortune – Habakkuk 2: 9”


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