Funny Video Is not All about Sex. We Are Comedians not Pornstars.” Josh 2 Funny and Colleague Bello Kreb Condemn Oversexualization of Women in Comedy Videos

Comedians, Josh 2 Funny and Bello Kreb have condemned the oversexualization of women in comedy videos 

Ginna Crochets IMG-20190728-WA0000

The comedians, who shoot skits together, addressed this on Instagram. They told their fellow comedians that they can shoot funny videos without harrassing the female act.

Bello wrote: “Funny video is not all about sex. We are comedians not pornstars.”

He added: “The sex scenes in comedy videos these days is way too much.

“Can y’all do a funny video without harrassing the female act?”

Josh reshared Bello Kreb’s post and added a caption of his own.

See the rest of what they wrote below.5e00990061b275e00991e641865e00993e79ca55e00995fa0ffc5e00998b4ea40



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