Here’s Why You Should Eat African Walnut (asala) Regularly

African walnut supplies your health with amazing benefit [Kitchen Butterfly]

African walnuts (Asala) is one of the oldest fruits that can supply your health with amazing benefits.

African walnuts are round-shaped nuts with dark brown shells and whitish nuts encased within the shell that contains nutrients.

The fact that walnuts are immensely rich in nutrition and their benefits ranging from metabolism to heart health and beauty cannot be overlooked. If you haven’t been consuming walnut, its health benefits will convince you.

Ginna Crochets IMG-20190728-WA0000

Here’s why you should add walnut to your diet.

1. Lowers the risk of heart disease

Walnut contains amino acid which helps in cell division, healing of wounds, immune system function and the release of hormones. There is also the presence of antioxidants that help to regulate the heart and prevent heart-related diseases.

2. Reduces breast cancer risk

It has been asserted that a daily dose of walnuts reduces the growth of breast cancer tumours. According to research, including walnuts in ones diet decreased breast cancer at less than half the rate of the group with the typical diet. Also, the number of tumours and their sizes were significantly smaller.

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3. Supports weight control

Walnuts are calorie dense, but studies suggest that the energy absorbed from them is 21% lower than would be expected based on their nutrients. What’s more, eating walnuts controls your appetite. It contains vitamins B7 which is essential for key metabolic process, contains fibres and protein which also help to check weight gain.



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