Health Alert: Flu Outbreak in Dayton


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF-WRGT) Miami Valley Hospital said it’s quote “overwhelmed” but prepared to treat the high volume of flu cases it’s seeing.

Miami Valley Hospital ER Dr. Ryan Babienco said over the last week they’ve had more than 200 people admitted for flu-like complications.

“It’s completely overwhelming,” said Babienco. “You have someone in the next room who’s having an active heart attack and you have to take care of that person then you look in the triage and it’s 15 people deep coughing and sneezing.”

He said that number is just scratching the surface.

“The amount of people coming in with flu-like symptoms to be tested for that has been even higher than that,” added Babienco.

Kettering Health along with area urgent cares are also seeing a serious uptick in flu patients.

“There tends to be this uptick at the time of year when people are really taking time off work and getting together a bit more,” said Sycamore Kettering Medical Center ER Dr. Nancy Pook.

Miami Valley Hospital now issuing visitor restrictions to keep their high-risk patients safe.

“You don’t want a lot of kids being around the hospital or the elderly because they don’t have as great of immune systems and they don’t maybe wash their hands as much,” said Babienco.

Though the flu can be deadly for a certain age group, doctors encourage coming to the hospital if you are experiencing flu symptoms while also having high-risk medical conditions.

“The elderly over 65, kids younger than 5 people with asthma, heart disease, COPD, diabetes,” said Babienco, “The flu can be very dangerous.”

If you’re normally a healthy person and start feeling ill go to your primary care doctor or urgent care first.

“If you’re one of those people that are normally pretty healthy people you should probably stay away from the emergency department so you’re not spreading it to those with the complications,” said Babienco.


Author: Bryn Caswell

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