Here’s Why You Should Treat Insect Bites with Coconut Oil



Coconut oil is found to be great for insect bites because of several reasons.

Do you know coconut oil can also be used as an effective insect repellant thus preventing insect bite altogether?

Usually, insect bites are harmless, but some bites may be toxic and release harmful substances inside the body. Insect bites are followed by itching, skin reddening, pain, swelling, burning, irritation, tingling or numbness in the affected area, depending on the type of insect. Insects are carriers of bacteria and viruses and are known to cause many diseases.

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Applying coconut oil is beneficial in preventing such infections as it is known to be inhibitory against various species of microbes. It has a strong anti-microbial nature, which helps in suppressing the growth of various bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Coconut oil, when applied to bug bites, forms a thin layer on the affected area of the skin which helps protect it from any bacteria. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil prevent any germs from entering the body through the bite. At the same time, coconut oil uses its anti-inflammatory properties to help provide relief from the itchiness.

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The fatty acids in coconut oil can also inhibit viral replication and binding by dissolving their lipid envelopes. In this way, coconut oil helps in the prevention of infections and diseases resulting from insect bites.


As an additional advantage, coconut oil can repel insects and prevent insect bites.


Olamide Ayeni 

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