Nigerian Lady Dragged by Twitter Users after Saying Kobe Bryant and Gianna Deserved to Die over an ‘Incestuous Relationship’

A Nigerian Twitter user ignited the wrath of other social media users after saying that late American basketball player, Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna deserved to die for having an incestuous affair.


@daenarysbaby who backed her claim by sharing a photo of Kobe and Gianna sharing a lip kiss, alleged that their death in a helicopter crash is an atonement for their sins.

5e2fef623137dThe Twitter user also alleged that God appeared to her in a dream, telling her that he was going to kill the basketball legend and his daughter over an incestuous affair.5e2feef6b58a6

Some Nigerian Twitter users riled by the tweet, launched a campaign that got the account with over 2,000 followers suspended.5e2fefbdaf18f5e2fefed4c49e5e2ff00165147

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